Mass Effect: Blackwell

Update History

05 / 27 / 2008—The Timeline page has been updated with wiki page links, and more information has been added to portray the happenings of the Mass Effect video game. Several NPCs were tweaked, and had their relationships and misc information clarified. First play session is scheduled for just a few days from now. “New Game Jitters” are a go. —Adino

04 / 25 / 2008—After a few combat tests, it became clear that damage-dealing Biotic powers needed a slight buff, since Armor values tend to be high. For now, Biotic powers ignore Armor rating, but not a shield rating. The “Background: Biotics” edge has been altered to reflect this change. Other than that, everything seems to be in decent balance. As a note, a Krogan Vanguard with a Great Axe hits HARD. —Adino

04 / 24 / 2008—Weapon mods and Ammo types have been tweaked slightly and powered down just a little. Armor has been powered down and reposted. Weapons have been tweaked in several ways, and Clip sizes have been reduced across the board. Salarians have gained a Racial trait and are now ready to be played. Writing for the actual campaign has begun as well, but is still in early draft stages. Game is scheduled to start in a little over a week, so I’m behind. Sue me. —Adino


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